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Although we have carried out a lot of research, we are indebted to the people and organisations who have been willing to share personal information or the results of their own research or have provided other help. Here is a list of people who have helped expand the family trees or have provided other information and photographs.


Julia Aikman (Scotland)

Maureen Al-Kishtaini (England)

Michael & Alison Baker (Scotland)
Kirstie Brandon

Lynn Chauntry (England) Ailsa Corlett (Australia)



David Fairholm (Scotland)
Donald Fairholm (USA)
Doreen Fairholm (England)
Ian & Rebecca Fairholm (England)
George & Bettina Fairholm (England)
Jacinda Fairholm (Canada)
Joe Fairholm (Canada)
Michael & Sheila Fairholm (England)
Michele Fairholm (Australia)
Noel Fairholm (USA)
Richard & June Fairholm (England)
Robert Fairholm (Canada)
Sam Fairholm
Thomas & Rachel Fairholm (England)
William Fairholm (England)
William Fairholm (Scotland)
William Fairholm (Scotland)
William D Ferme (Australia)


Jay C. Hall (USA) Julian Hitchen (England)

Maggie Ingram (Scotland)

Lori Johnson (USA) Sandra Johnston (USA)

Christine Kapp (USA) Joan Kinter (USA)

Ian Lennox (Scotland) Mary Leeper (USA)

Hilda Marshall
Richard Marshall (England)
William Marshall (Wales)
Charles & Doreen Martin (England)
Robert & Brenda McCutcheon (England)
Christine Monie (Australia)
Shona Murdoch (England)

Nottingham City Council Local Studies Library (England)
Nottinghamshire City Library (England)
Nottinghamshire Family History Society (England)

Janiece Ochoa (USA)

Darlene Petersen (USA)
Picture the Past
Estella Porter (England)


Margaret Rose (England)
Elsie Rowland (England)
Reflections of Bygone Days

Helen Fairholm Sawyer (USA)
Major Dougie Shepherd - Camp Commandant, British Army HQ, Craigiehall (Scotland)
Paul Perry Simkins (England)
Clifford Fairholm Simpson (England)
Les Stagg (Canada)
Nancy Stagg (Canada)

Paula Thorn (New Zealand)
Bertha Townsend (Canada)
Mark Townsend (Canada)



Shona Whitwell (Canada)
Joan Williamson (Canada)
Jacqui Wright
Janet Wright


David Young of the Hamilton Central Library (Scotland)
Colonel David Younger (Scotland)
Mr & Mrs Gavin Younger (Scotland)