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The earliest traces of any Fairholm or variant, that we have found in Scotland so far, is an Alan, who was appointed as a Burgess of Edinburgh on 14th November 1488, when he was also a Gild (Guild) Member. There was an Andrew appointed as a Burgess of the city on 28th January 1554 -5, and similarly a George, a maltman, on 13th September 1570. These three, and another 16 men, were listed below a group of surnames - Fairholme, Fairum, Farme, and Farome, where each individual's surname was not indicated, for appointments in the period up to 1700.

Charles Fairholm, (1566 - 1617) born in Edinburgh, was a robust presbyterian preacher who signed his name as Pharum and Ferm, but was also referred to as Fairholme, Fairme, Farholme, Ferme and Ferume.

The records of the General Register Officer of Scotland and the International Genealogical Index have many entries for Fairholm and Fairholme and other variations in Scotland. There were eleven distinct sets of parents in the early 1600s, all in Edinburgh. The earliest entry in the index for any of the families is a christening in 1606. In the period 1650 to 1750, the number of Fairholme entries was double the number of Fairholm ones. Today, Fairholme birth, marriage, and death events for Scotland have disappeared almost. We are still researching the Scottish public records, and will add more information as it becomes available. Our existing trees include about 1,300 individuals & parents of spouses, and we have details of another 650 people (pre 1800), arranged mostly in small family groups (treelets). These are where we are unable to link them together or add them to the existing trees, so far.

We have been able to create five Scottish branches, and for easy reference, we have named them:

Edinburghshire & Lanarkshire
Edinburghshire & Borders
Firth of Forth

More detail on each of the branches can be found by using the links on the grey tool bar at the top of the page. For further information or to find out which branch you belong to please email us at queries@fairholmfamilytrees.info.

Note : Several Scottish families moved south to England and at least one English family moved north to Scotland. We use the terms English and Scottish to refer to the origins of branches rather than their current locations. We have not found yet any evidence for a common ancestry between the English and Scottish branches.