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This page sets out information that we have found about Ferme in Edinburghshire and Haddingtonshire.

Ferme families

The surname Ferme occurs fairly frequently throughout our trees as a contraction and variant of Fairholm and Fairholme. Also, it occurs in its own right from entirely unrelated sources. For example, there are Fermes in the USA and Canada with Swedish origins, from the time when all men joining a specific army regiment had to change their surname to Ferme. There are also Ferme coats of arms in parts of Europe.

We have found quite a few records for Fermes occurring in Edinburghshire and Haddingtonshire, which we have turned into trees with the help of Bill Ferme in Australia. One line of eleven persons starts with John Ferme, born in 1754 at Tranent, Haddingtonshire, who married Margaret Turnbull in 1785 at Tranent. They had six children from 1786-1800, including a John Ferme born in 1787 at Tranent.

Another line of 43 people starts with George Ferme born in 1776 at Temple, Edinburghshire, who married Margaret / Peggy Jamieson in 1796 at Carrington / Primrose, Edinburghshire. They had 10 children from 1795-1812, of which Jane / Jean was born in 1795 at Carrington / Primrose.

The John Ferme and Jane / Jean Ferme just mentioned were cousins, and were married in 1815 at Temple, Edinburghshire. They had six children from1816-1834, which eventually lead to 63 descendants and relatives, mainly in Edinburghshire and Haddingtonshire, including Bill Ferme.

We have a further line starting with John Farm / Ferm, who married Jane / Jean Bertram in 1751 at Cranshaws, Berwickshire. They had four boys from 1753-1760, and no girls.

There are 32 people, mainly in Haddingtonshire, who have yet to be connected to the other groups mentioned.

Altogether, the total number of Fermes in these groups, in tree format, is 149.