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Main branch

This page sets out information that we have found about the Main branch of Fairholm in Scotland.

So far, we have 310 people on this tree.


The early family

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash
This branch now starts with James and Margaret Greig, who were possibly married in Edinburgh in 1762. They had three sons and 3 daughters, but so far we only have descendants for their eldest William Fairholm / Fairholme, who married Jean McGill in 1798 at Liberton, Edinburghshire, (later Midlothian, but now part of Edinburgh City). Many of their descendants have stayed in the Lothians, but others have spread throughout Southern Scotland, and into parts of England.

Up to the mid 1800s, there were several recorded variants of the surname - Fairholm, Fairholme, Fairm, Fairon, and Ferme. But these eventually evolved as Fairholm, except for one family group in Southern England, which is known as Fairholme.

Previously, there had been a problem with two families, where in both cases the father had been an Anstruther Fairholm, but the respective mothers were Emily Williamson and Amelia Clark. After considerable research, we found evidence to show that the two mothers were one and the same person. As a result, the former Edinburgh Branch has been incorporated into the Main Branch.



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Hawick (pronounced 'hoyk' rather then 'hay-wick') is the largest town in the borders area.  It has a history associated with hoisery and knitwear manufacture.   Several Fairholm families lived on this street shown in the photpgraph from the late 1800s.