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My father and I set up this site to help us find other Fairholm & Fairholme family members who are interested in researching their family history, and to share information which we have found during our research. The site also covers variations in the surname, including the Scottish Ferm, Ferme, Farm and Farme.

Please have a look around. I hope that you find something interesting.

You can contact me at queries@fairholmfamilytrees.info.

Roger Fairholm



My name is Roger Fairholm and I live in England.   Peter Fairholm, my father, and I had a shared hobby of researching our family history. In particular, we were trying to compile the most complete family trees possible for the Fairholm and Fairholme families - and all known alternatives and variants - throughout the world - from the start of records up to the present day.  Since my father's death in 2020 I have continued with the research, although I do not have as much time to dedicate to it as he did and so things are proceeding more slowly now.

Although our family numbers are small when compared to other surnames, researching the family tree is still a big task. We are slowly working through the public records in England and Scotland, but these do not contain all the information which is helpful, important or interesting. In addition, many family members live in other countries. We are constantly looking for information which will expand, fill in or link our existing trees together, as well as for stories and photographs to turn the dull facts into real lives. It could take many years to do this thoroughly, but we hope that it can be speeded up if we are able to work with other people who are also interested.

If you would like to know more about the family history than we have been able to put on this site or if you wonder whether we have that vital missing fact linked to your own research then please email us.

We do not offer a research service, but we will search the records we have for anything useful or interesting. We may be able to post you a pdf or hard copy print of the relevant part of your family tree.

Many people have already provided us with a lot of useful information and we do appreciate it. Equally, we have been able to provide others with details that they have found helpful.



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I am using this panel to:

1. highlight the latest information that we find or that is shared with us by other family members and

2. highlight changes to the site

3. raise queries that we hope other people may be able to help us solve - including ones which we
    receive, but can't answer.

James Walter Fairholme & Franklin expedition (April 2021)

I have added updates to the Scottish branches Edinburghshire & Borders about James.

Orphans (May 2020)

I have added a story to the English Branches Burton Joyce.

Announcement (April 2020)

It is with great sadness that I write this.  On Friday 10 April 2020 Peter Fairholm, my father and co-researcher, died at Barnsley in England.

For several years he had been affected by Alzheimer's Disease and was able to do less and less in relation to family history, but still enjoyed talking about members of the family and the research past and present.  He focussed on the Scottish side of our research, making many visits to Edinburgh and the Borders with my step-mother in search of records, visiting places associated with the Scottish branches and meeting family members and others. He was in correspondence with people around the world who also had an interest in the Scottish families and enjoyed helping them with information that he had already or searching for new facts in order to be able to provide the best responses to their queries.

He had to solve quite a few problems with missing people and even a person with two completely different names.  He always did this with enthusiasm and diligence, making sure of the facts, and being annoyed when others did not do so and jumped to conclusions.  There was a lot more that he wanted to do.  He has left me a wealth of information about the Fairholms and Fairholmes of Scotland.  It will take me a long time to work through it all, but I am sure that it will add even more to our knowledge of the various families that share our surname.

My sister and I and our step-mother all miss him greatly.

Arrested for gambling (January 2019)

A short story has been added to English Branches Basford.

Early family - expanded tree (January 2019)

We have added a fuller family tree showing how the early English members of the family may link together under English Branches Overview.

Dukes ... violins ... and assaults (2018)

We have added new stories under English Branches Derby and World Branches USA.

Wheelwrights and framework knitting (November 2017)

We have added some panels about these two types of work undertaken by several family members under English Branches Southwell and English Branches Radford respectively.

Website (October 2015)

We have given the site an overhaul to simplify it and have added some more information.

Larry Fairholm & Jeff Fairholm (October 2014)

We have added brief details about the American football careers of these two family members.  They can be found from under World Branches on the Canada page.

Joseph Goldie Fairholm's war diary found in Wales (October 2014)

The diary covers the period from 30 November 1916 to 19 November 1917 and describes details of Joseph Goldie's experiences as a machine gunner and runner during World War 1. The diary was returned to the Fairholm family in Canada in August this year.  There is an article about it on the website ww1.canada.com (the link will launch a new window).


Work so far

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Our interest in the family history started after the discovery of a monumental inscription in Westminster Abbey for Sophia Annandale, the wife of William Johnstone, 1st Marquis of Annandale, and daughter of John Fairholm of Craigiehall. It was first found in the late 1970s by Margaret Fairholm and her mother-in-law Alice Fairholm. We found it again in 1984. A limited search at the time revealed a Scottish family.

In the late summer of 1998 the current search began for our own immediate ancestors. By the end of August 1999 we had a family tree stretching from the mid 1700s to the present day. In addition, we had identified many other Fairholm and Fairholme families and the quantity of this extra information prompted us to begin searching for all family members. We have been surprised by exactly how much it has been possible to find from public records. It just takes a lot of effort, luck and help from other people.

Several interesting facts have emerged from our research:
  • There were two main concentrations of Fairholm and Fairholme families in the British Isles in early records: one around Edinburgh in Scotland and the other around Nottingham in England.

  • Some of the current Fairholm and Fairholme families in England are related.

  • Some of the current Fairholm and Fairholme families in Scotland are related.

  • There is no obvious connection yet between the Scottish and English families.

  • There are several places from where the family name could have started.

  • Outside the British Isles there are Fairholm and Fairholme family members in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

  • The Scottish surname variation of Ferme has extensive family connections in Australia.

Information that we hold

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From English records

Some entries for Fairholm and Fairholme (and some variations) in some births, marriages and death parish registers in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

All entries for Fairholm and Fairholme (and some variations) in the indices of the registers of births, marriages and deaths from July 1837 to December 2002.

Certain birth, marriage and deaths certificates for English branch members (including certificates for all marriages registered from July 1837 until December 1899).
Certain birth, marriage and deaths certificates for other branch members.

All entries for Fairholm and Fairholme in the principal probate registry index of the registers of wills and administrations from 1858 to mid-1998.

All entries for Fairholm and Fairholme (and some variations) in the registers of wills and administrations for the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1650 -1857.

All entries for Fairholm and Fairholme English branch members (and some variations) in the census returns for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. Plus information on Scottish branch members in England as found.

Entries for Fairholm and Fairholme from various commercial directories covering Nottinghamshire from 1828 to 1956 (incomplete coverage).

Entries for Fairholm and Fairholme (and some variations) of christenings, marriages and burials in certain Nottinghamshire and Derby parish registers from various start dates to various end dates - including Boyd and Phillimore indexes.

All entries for Fairholm and Fairholme (and some variations) in indices of marriage licences and marriage bonds in Nottinghamshire.

From Scottish records

All entries for Fairholm & Fairholme, Farm & Farme, Ferm & Ferme and some other variations in the indexes of the registers of births, marriages and deaths from 1855 to 1998.

All entries for Fairholm & Fairholme, Farm & Farme, Ferm & Ferme and some variations in parish registers to 1855.

Certain birth, marriage and deaths certificates.

All entries for Fairholm & Fairholme, Farm & Farme, Ferm & Ferme and variations in the 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses.

Additional information

All entries for Fairholm, Fairholme and many variations for the British Isles from the International Genealogical Index produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Information from the Ancestral File produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In memoriam records for all English and Scottish Fairholm and Fairholme family members who died in the British armed forces during World War 1 and World War 2.

Information on medals awarded to all English and Scottish Fairholm and Fairholme family members who served in the British armed forces in World War 1.

Information from British Army service records about a few Fairholm and Fairholme family members up to and including World War 1.

Entries for Fairholm and Fairholme in each of the USA censuses from 1830 to 1940.



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We are happy for anyone who provides us with personal information about themselves or their immediate family to impose restrictions on the use we may make of the information. This means that we may not be able to pass on all the information we are given to other family members.

We do not pass on contact details for existing contributors to other people. Instead we will pass the enquirer's details on and leave it to the contributor to decide if they wish to respond.

At the moment we do not intend to submit the information we have gathered to any genealogical index (for example, the Ancestral File of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Genes Reunited). We require that everyone who receives information from us will agree not to submit the information or let it be submitted to any third party for publication including on the Internet. If we do decide to make the information more widely available in the future then we will adopt the best practice in the genealogical community at the time in relation to the information we supply. However, this will not over-ride any express restrictions laid down by people who provide us with personal information.


The copyright to the content of this site belongs to us or to others as stated.  You may not copy information, text, photographs, diagrams, etc without the express approval of the copyright holder.