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At 7.68m million square kilometres / 2.97 million square miles, Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world. It has a population of just over 18 million. The capital is Canberra.

This information is from Philip's World Atlas Reference Edition. 1997.

Families in Australia

We know of two Fairholm family members who were born in Scotland, are part of the Main Scottish branch and are now living in Australia.

If you belong to either of these families then we would be very interested in hearing from you. You can contact us at queries@fairholmfamilytrees.info.

We have also been in contact with Ailsa Corlett and Bill Ferme, both living in Australia. They have both shared with us a lot of information linking Fairholm and Ferme family members in Australia and Scotland. There are over 300 Fermes in South Australia.